RF & Microwave - Accessories

Livingston offer number of RF and Microwave accessories to support the wide range of RF & Microwave instrumentation available for rent, hire, lease or purchase.
Some of the accessories available are listed below: If you do not see what you need then please ask one of our sales engineers when ordering your instrumentation for hire, rent, lease or purchase.

Tektronix TDSUSBF

USB 2.0 Compliance Test Fixture

Keysight / Agilent U7242A

USB3.0 Test Fixture

Keysight / Agilent 8496B

Step Attenuator 18GHz 110dB 10dB step

Pasternack PE7019-30

Attenuator DC to 18 GHz 30 dB

Flann 20110

Waveguide Rotary Attenuator

Keysight / Agilent 8498A/30

Coaxial Fixed Attenuator 30dB 25W

FLANN 18110

WG18 Rotary Attenuator (UBR140)

Keysight / Agilent G382A

WR-187 3.95-5.85GHz Variable Attenuator

Keysight / Agilent 346B

Noise Source 10MHz to 18GHz

FLANN 19110

Variable Attenuator 14.5-22GHz WR51

FLANN 16110

Variable Attenuator 8.2-12.5GHz WR90

FLANN 14110

WR137 0-60dB Variable attenuator

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