General Purpose - Meters

Livingston rent out a number of meters and multimeter's to measure voltage, current and resistance. This includes the hire of both hand-held meters and bench meters, calibrated and ready to use. For those that prefer to own their equipment, there is a good selection of used test equipment available for sale. 
If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact one of our engineers who will be only too pleased to help find a solution to your needs.

Agilent Technologies 34401A

Digital Multimeter (1.200.000 Count)

Fluke 225C/S


Keithley 2015

6 1/2 digits THD Multimeter

Megger DLRO200

Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Fluke 8506A


Fluke 87

Handheld Digital Multimeter

Yokogawa WT230

Digital Power Meter

Chauvin Arnoux CA6250


Keithley 2450

System SourceMeter Instrument

Celltron CTE-1000

Essential Stationary Battery String Analyzer

Megger DLRO10

Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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