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From the leading supplier of OTDR test equipment for installation, maintenance and diagnosis of fiber networks, we have a wide range of OTDR’s (Optical Time Domain Reflectometry) test tools for both multimode (mm) and singlemode (sm) fibers across all common wavelengths and ranges.

Below is listed a selection of OTDR instruments available for rent, hire, lease or purchase (used) from Livingston. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please contact one of our engineers who will be delighted to help find a solution to your needs.

EXFO MaxTester-710

Last-mile SM OTDR 1310/1550 29/28dB


EXFO MaxTester-720B

SM 1310/1550nm 36/34 dB OTDR


Exfo MaxTester-730

Singlemode OTDR 1310/1550 nm, 37/35dB

Viavi (JDSU) E4146QUAD

MM/SM 850/1300/1310/1550nm OTDR Module

Viavi (JDSU) E8126LR

OTDR Module 1310/1550nm 43/41dB FC/PC

Viavi (JDSU) 4126LA

1310/1550nm LA OTDR Module

Exfo FTB-720

SM OTDR, 1310/1550 nm, 36/34 dB


OTDR FiberXplorer 1310/1550nm 40/38dB


AQ1200A OTDR Singlemode 1310/1550nm

Viavi (JDSU) E4136MA

E4136MA 1310/1550/1625nm OTDR SC/PC

Fluke Networks OF-500

Optifiber Certifying OTDR Multimode 850/1310nm


Micro-OTDR for LAN/WAN Networks

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