- Optical Spectrum Analysers

Livingston's pool of optical spectrum analysers available for rental or hire enables you to rent out the right optical spectrum analyser (OSA) for your application, whilst remaining cost effective.
For those that prefer to own their equipment, there is a good selection of second user optical spectrum analysers available for sale.
Below are listed a selection of optical spectrum analysers available for rent, hire, lease or purchase from Livingston. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact one of our engineers who will be only too pleased to help find a solution to your needs.


Lightwave Test Set

Anritsu CMA5000

CMA5000 Mainframe with MBA for 10GigE

Anritsu OSA425

Optical Spectrum Analyser 1250-1650nm

Exfo FTB-5240S-E1-EUI-89

Optical Spectrum Analyser

EXFO FTB-5240S-P-Adv-InB

OSA w/ Polarization, In Band and Adv.

Exfo FTB-2 Pro

FTB-2 2-slot PRO Modular mainframe

EXFO FTB-400-8

FTB-400 with 8 Back Universal Test Plat

Exfo FTB-500-4

FTB-500 Mainframe (4-slots)

Exfo FTB-500-8

FTB-500 Mainframe (8-slots)

Exfo FTB-5240

Optical Spectrum Analyser


Optical Spectrum Analyser


OSA w/Polarization Controller

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