Fiber Optics - Fusion Splicers

Fusion splicer equipment available from Europe’s leading supplier of fusion splicers for rent, hire or lease.

The ideal way to kit out your fibre deployment project, with top quality splicers, fully maintained and supported, allowing you to deliver the maximum number of splices per day.whilst looking after your  hard come by cash.

Fujikura FSM-70S

Fusion Splicer

INNO Instrument VF-15H

High Precision Cleaver

INNO Instrument View 3

Active V-Groove Fusion Splicer

INNO Instrument View 5

Core-alignment Splicer

INNO Instrument View 7

Core-alignment Splicer

Sumitomo Type-71C

Direct Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Sumitomo Type-81C

Fusion Splicer - India only

Fujikura FSM-80S

Fusion splicer - Asia/India only

Furukawa S178A

Hand-Held Core Alignment Splicer

Fujikura FSM-12S

FTTH Splicer

Fujikura FSM-60S

Fusion Splicer

Fujikura FSM-70R

Ribbon Fusion Splicer

Fusion Splicers

Fujikura FSM-11S

Splicemate Fusion Splicer Kit

Fujikura FSM-60S

Fusion Splicer