Electrical & Industrial Test - EMC

Livingston provide equipment to detect and measure ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) issues. Tools for evaluating emission issues as well as susceptibility and immunity issues are available for rent, hire or lease.
If you cannot find the right tool for you, then please call one of our sales engineers, who will endeavour to find the right solution to your requirement.

Narda SRM-3006

Selective Radiation Meter (9KHz - 6GHz)

Teseq Systems NSG 5500

Automotive Transient Immunity Test Set


Broadband Field Strength Meter

Teseq Systems NSG 5600

NSG 5600 Automotive Transient Generator

Teseq Systems NSG 437

NSG 437 ESD Simulator 30kV

NARDA Nardalert S3

Nardalert S3 Personal Radiation Monitor

Narda Radman ESM-20

Radman ESM-20 Personal Radiation Monitor


NardalertXT RF Monitor

Teseq Systems CDN3425

Capacitive Coupling Clamp

NARDA 8865

NardalertXT PC Interface Kit

Chauvin Arnoux CA43

Field Intensity Meter

Satimo EME Guard

RF Personal Monitor 27MHz-40GHz

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