Communications - IP Network Performance Testers

Livingston have a range of Ethernet performance test rental solutions for LAN, WAN applications as well as carrier grade Ethernet test set rental.
Purchase options are also available for customers wishing to buy used Ethernet test equipment and below we have listed a selection of the tools available for rent, hire, lease or purchase.
If you cannot find the instrument to meet your needs, please contact one of our engineers who will be only too pleased to help find a solution to your needs.

Spirent Communications Axon

Network & Application Testing Platform

Spirent Communications SPT-N4U, 4U chassis


Spirent Communications MX-100G-F2

HyperMetrics neXt mX 40/100G 2-Port

Ixia XM2

2 Slot Mainframe

Ixia LSM1000XMV16-01

16 Port Dual-PHY 10/100/1000 Load Module

Ixia LSM1000XMV8--01

8 Port Dual-PHY 10/100/1000 Load Module

Spirent Communications Avalanche 290

Portable layer 4-7 test solution

Spirent Communications SPT-11U

Testcenter 11U Mainframe

Anritsu MD1260A

40/100G Ethernet Analyzer

Spirent Communications SPT-2000

Portable High End (10) Gig/Ethernet performance test system

Exfo FTB-8535

Pkt Blazer1/2/4/10 Fibre Channel

Viavi (JDSU) C404 + MTS-6000A

SDH & GigE Tester STM-1/4/16, 10GE, Fiber Channel and OTU

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