Communications - Base Station / Handset Testers

In an increasingly mobile world, the availability of quality voice, data and video is critical for service providers.
Livingston offer a range of solutions for Base Station testing, covering air interface, cable & antenna and backhaul network test solutions for rent, hire, lease and used purchase. Equipment for testing handsets for manufacture and repair is also available for short to long term rent or lease, whilst used equipment purchase options are also available.

Below is listed a selection of the testers available for rent, hire, lease or purchase from Livingston. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact one of our engineers who will be only too pleased to help find a solution to your needs.

IFR 2945A

Analogue Radio Comms Test Set

Aeroflex 2955B

Radio Test Set

IFR 2968


Aeroflex 4202S

Mobile Service Tester

Aeroflex 6113

Digital Radio Test Set GSM

Aeroflex 6413A

BAse Station Test System

Aeroflex 7100

LTE Radio Test Set

Anritsu ME4510B

Digital Microwave Link Analyer

Anritsu ML8720B

W-CDMA (UMTS) Area Transmitter Tester

Anritsu MT8212B

CellMaster Antenna Base Station Tester

Anritsu MT8212E

Cell Master Compact Base Station Analyser

Anritsu MT8221B

Handheld Multi-function Base Station Analyzer

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