Tektronix - DPO7354C

Tektronix - DPO7354C

Tektronix understands that engineers rely on an oscilloscope throughout their design cycle, from prototype turn-on to production testing. The DPO7000 Series oscilloscopes' unique capabilities combined with exceptional signal acquisition performance and analysis accelerate your measurement tasks.


  • 3.5 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 1 GHz, and 500 MHz bandwidth models
  • Up to 40 GS/s real-time sample rate on one channel, up to 20 GS/s on two channels, and up to 10 GS/s on three or four channels
  • Up to 500 megapoint record length with MultiView Zoom™
  • >250,000 wfms/s maximum waveform capture rate with FastAcq™
  • FastFrame™ segmented memory acquisition mode with >310,000 waveforms per second capture rate
  • User-selectable bandwidth limit filters for better low-frequency measurement accuracy


  • Ease of use features
  • Pinpoint® Triggering provides the most flexible and highest performance triggering, with over 1400 combinations to address virtually any triggering situation
  • Visual Trigger and Search precisely qualifies triggers and finds unique events in complex waveforms
  • Advanced Search and Mark to find specific events in the entire waveform
  • MyScope® custom control windows and right mouse click menus for exceptional efficiency
  • 53 automated measurements, waveform histograms, and FFT analysis for simplified waveform analysis
  • TekVPI® Probe Interface supports active, differential, and current probes for automatic scaling and units
  • 12.1 in. (307 mm) bright XGA display with touch screen
  • Optional serial triggering and analysis
  • Automated Serial Triggering, Decode, and Search Options for I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, RS-232/422/485/UART, MIL-STD-1553, and USB 2.0 
  • Automated Serial Analysis Options for MIPI® D-PHY DSI-1 and CSI-2, 8b/10b, Ethernet, and PCI Express
  • Clock Recovery from serial data streams
  • 64-bit NRZ Serial Pattern Trigger for isolation of pattern-dependent effects up to 1.25 Gb/s
  • Optional technology specific analysis
  • Software Solutions provide built-in domain expertise for MIPI® D-PHY, Ethernet, BroadR-Reach, MOST, and USB 2.0 Compliance Testing, Jitter, Timing, Eye Diagrams, Power, DDR Memory Bus Analysis, and Wideband RF
  • Limit and Mask Testing provide quick insight into signal characteristics

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