Sunsight Instruments - AAT

Sunsight Instruments - AAT

Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT)

  • Azimuth Accuracy:    +/- 0.3°RMS  -  +/- 1.0°RMS   when AQI > 90
  • Tilt Accuracy:        +/- 0.25°
  • Roll Accuracy:        +/- 0.25°
  • Height Accuracy:    +/- 0.3m @ 1000m
  • Used for initial antenna alignment--and audits or antenna position change requests from carrier
  • Integrates accelerometers, GPS, and laser range finding
  • Final positions stored in a secure format
  • Records latitude, longitude, azimuth, tilt, roll, date/time, height
  • Alignment profile and capture data transferred OAPM using ethernet or WiFi interface
  • Provides fool-proof accountability and traceability of installation
  • CE and FCC Certified

Item code: 160631

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