Sunsight Instruments - AAT-30

Sunsight Instruments - AAT-30

The AntennAlign® Alignment Tool (AAT) is the lightest and most accurate antenna alignment tool used during equipment installation or antenna position audits. It measures antenna alignment in azimuth, tilt, and roll while also indicating its height above ground level. The AAT features a quick capture feature for on site captures if antenna position data not available prior to climb. Get antenna installs right the first time, eliminate costly site re-visits or re-climbs.

The AAT has the best cost of ownership saving you time and money over the long life of product. It is the most durable AAT on the market, with it's powder-coated aluminum housing, it is weatherproof and rugged for tough conditions General Contractors work in.

Simple to operate

The antenna alignment tool is simple to operate and can mount to any antenna locations. In seconds, a person can take a reading from any WiFi enabled device, instantly creating a permanent record of an antenna alignment for accountability and traceability. Desired equipment position can be input prior to climb or entered into the tool on-site. The report records the final alignment specification, including latitude/longitude, azimuth, tilt, height, and current date and time. Records can be downloaded (via PDF or CSV) at a later time to be used by contracting companies or quality control departments to certify the installation work was performed as specified.


Azimuth (Heading) Accuracy
+/- .3 RMS
+/- .5 R95
+/- .75 R99
Tilt and Roll Range and
Accuracy (degrees)
+/- 22.5 range
+/- .1 accuracy
AGL Height (ft)+/- 1 standard
+/- .125 premium
Horizontal Accuracy (ft)+/- 1**
Vertical Accuracy - MSL (ft)+/- 2**
Size (in)17 x 3 x 2.6
Weight (lb)3.6

Use any smartphone



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Sunsight Instruments AAT-30

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