Sunrise Telecomm - Sunset E20C

Sunrise Telecomm - Sunset E20C

2Mbps Tester GSM

  • A powerful. easy-to-use tester for digital circuits from 50b/s to 2.048Mb/s
  • For synchronous and asynchronous datacoms (V.35. X.21. G.703) 50b/s to nx64Kb/s. bi-directional. RS-232. RS-449. X50, GSM and other interfaces
  • Full duplex drop and insert capability, both sending and measuring of test tones on in-service 2.048Mb/s
  • User friendly user interface and serial communication port.
    • Full duplex drop and insert testing
    • VF analysis: send/measure test tones. noise filters. digit capture & analysis. and CAS analysis
    • Colour Screen
    • 75 ohm unbalanced and 120 ohm balanced connectors

Item code: 128821

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Sunrise Telecomm Sunset E20C

2Mbps Tester GSM

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