Sunrise Telecomm - SSxDSL-4S

Sunrise Telecomm - SSxDSL-4S


  • ATU-C Function
    • Modes Supported
      • Operator Controlled (Mode 1)
      • Rate Adaptive @ Start-Up (Mode 2)
        • Simple Setup Parameters
          • Downstream Rate: Fast/Interleaved
          • Upstream Rate: Fast/Interleaved
          • Target Noise Margin: Upstream/Downstream
        • Advanced Setup Parameters
          • Store and Edit 3 User Configured Advanced Setups
          • Separate Parameters for Upstream/Downstream
          • Noise Margin: Minimum. Target. Maximum Additional
          • Maximum Power Spectral Density
          • Maximum Aggregate Power Level
          • Maximum Transmit Power Output
          • Carrier Masking
        • Modem Status Measurements
          • Link turn-up and live results
          • Fastpath rate: Upstream and Downstream
          • Interleaved bit rate: Upstream and Downstream
          • Maximum bit rate: Upstream and Downstream
          • Relative Capacity: Upstream and Downstream
          • Noise Margin: Upstream and Downstream
          • Attenuation: Upstream and Downstream
          • Output Power: Upstream and Downstream
        • Alarm Status: Current and history results for Loss of
          • Signal. Loss of Frame. Loss of Power. Loss of Cell
          • Delineation Interleaved. Loss of Cell Delineation Fast.
          • Loss of Margin
        • Link Measurements
          • Separate results for local/remote and Interleaved/Fast FEC. CRC. and HEC measurements
          • Block error rate. ES. SES. and UAS
        • Bits per Tone: Graphical and tabular display

Item code: 134705

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