Sunrise Telecomm - RxT2600

RxT - SHDSL.bis Module

  • STU-R CPE Mode: One Button Test providing key DSL metrics including Data Rate, SNR Margin and line errors
  • Extended SHDSL.bis rates: Symmetrical 5.7 Mbps per pair
  • EFM bonding up to four pairs, enabling up to 22.8 Mbps aggregate rate
  • Legacy 4-Wire SHDSL/ATM Standard and Enhanced modes
  • Single pair mode for EFM and ATM
  • IP Data Services testing at both 10/100 Ethernet and DSL test interfaces
  • CO Emulation for line pre-qualification test using real SHDSL signals
  • realAccess™ allows seamless remote access from any computing device using a web browser, including smart phones
  • realGATE™ integration for workflow optimization and asset management


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Sunrise Telecomm RxT2600

RxT SHDSL.bis Module

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