Spirent Communications - MSA-2001B

Spirent Communications - MSA-2001B

10-Gigabit Ethernet Multiple MSA Test Solution

  • Support for Deficit Idle Count (DIC), Link Fault Signaling (LFS), loop line timing, Ethernet preamble editing, Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) and diagnostic loopback
  • The RFC 2544 and 2889 test package software options allow the user to rapidly set up and execute tests using industry standard test methodologies
  • Traffic wizards allow easy setup of unicast, multicast, RFC-based tests, VLAN tagged, IPv4 and IPv6 test configurations
  • Adjust traffic loads in real time and see the affect on the device under test with Spirent TestCenter?s real time graphical and statistics reports
  • Prioritized scheduling mode allows users to mix constant and bursty traffic on the same port and precisely schedule high priority flows to minimize jitter and other performance parameters
  • Critical protocols such as spanning tree, VLAN, DHCP, IGMP, PPP, MPLS, QoS and IPTV are fully integrated, and the system supports a broad selection of unicast and multicast routing protocols
  • A graphically driven frame editor allows the user to select from a wide variety of preconfigured frame templates to edit standard fields and to create custom control and data plane packets without manual byte offset calculations
  • Concurrently runs advanced measurements in real time such as jitter, packet loss, sequencing, latency and data integrity using PRBS techniques
  • An interactive feature allows functional and negative testing, including group join and prune messages, start/stop hellos and start/stop router emulation
  • The analyzer supports a combination of 5 HyperFilters?, four 16-bit and one 32-bit that operate on the incoming traffic stream
  • Up to 65,535 streams or sub-streams can be analyzed on a single port
  • All port counters are 64-bits wide, can be charted and are available in real time
    The Spirent TestCenter 10GbE test modules provide functional, performance, system and conformance testing capabilities from Layer 2 through Layer 7 on a single GUI and test automation platform. These test modules generate realistic traffic from Layer 2 through Layer 7 of the OSI network layers and analyze data frame, packet, stream and protocol metrics for each layer. The test modules can also simultaneously manage data plane tests with control plane traffic required for metropolitan, enterprise and broadband access routing. They provide the most realistic and accurate network device performance measurements in the industry. Features such as real-time capture and decode along with the real-time event logging system allow the user to find the source of more complex multi-protocol problems.

Item code: 146590

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