Spirent Communications - VDT-C

Spirent Communications - VDT-C
RF engineers want the realism of physical drive testing, but without the inherent impact to budgets and schedules. They also need to be confident that the RF conditions they’re using today are the same as those they’ll run tomorrow.
For years RF engineers have dreamed of a way to take real-world RF data from drive testing, store it, and use it to re-create the same, repeatable RF scenario on the lab bench. Spirent’s Virtual Drive Test (VDT) for the SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator brought that capability to the market for those who had the resources to convert captured drive-test data.
Now Spirent introduces a tool to automate the conversion process without requiring any software effort on your part. Now it’s faster and easier than ever to take advantage of Spirent’s Virtual Drive
Test capabilities. The powerful VDT-Conversion Tool takes RF data collected during drive testing and automatically converts it within minutes for storage and playback in the lab.

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