Spirent Communications - 8100 UDL

Spirent Communications - 8100 UDL
Delivers an easy-to-use multi-RAT automated test environment using a powerful UMTS network emulator.
UMTS 3G/3G+ services and applications continue to see tremendous growth, requiring development and deployment of new features. To keep pace with the increasing complexities, device manufacturers and network operators need effective methods to test and verify new and existing device functionalities in commercially-deployed networks.

The 8100 Development Library provides an ideal set of tools focused on Application, Protocol, and Physical Layer testing of UMTS 3G and 3G+ devices. UMTS base station emulation capability with multi-cell and multi-RAT helps to reliably reproduce live-network device issues in the lab. An advanced option for fading and noise provides additional lab-based emulation of real-world network channel conditions. The UI-based “script” engine allows for rapid creation and editing of custom test cases for mobile device and chipsets.

The 8100 Development Library helps accelerate functional, integration, and inter-operability testing with full automation capability. As a key part of the 8100 Mobile Device test system, 8100 Development Library also provides a scalable, multipurpose solution that is expandable beyond initial testing needs.

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