Rohde & Schwarz - FSIQ7

Rohde & Schwarz - FSIQ7

Spectrum Analyser/Vector Signal Analyser (20Hz - 7GHz)

  • Frequency range 20Hz - 7GHz
  • DANL +30 to -142 dBm
  • Resolution Bandwidth 1Hz - 10MHz
  • Built-in 3.5in floppy disk drive
  • RS-232, Parallel, & IEEE Interfaces
    • Available options
      • B8 3.5GHz Tracking Generator
      • B9 3.5GHz Tracking Generator with I/Q modulator
      • B10 7GHz Tracking Generator
      • B11 7GHz Tracking Generator with I/Q modulator
      • B12 Switchable attenuator for Tracking Generator
      • B13 1dB Attenuator
      • B16 LAN Interface
      • B70 Additional memory and computer power
      • Multiple Software options for digital applications such as GSM/EDGE, WCDMA, Cdma2000, Noise figure, phase noise, ...
      • Please contact your local Livingston office for configuration

    • Connector 50 Ω 3.5mm (f)
    • FFT filters 1Hz - 1kHz
    • Spectrum analysis with ultra wide dynamic range for sophisticated ACPR measurements: NF = 15dB/ TOI = +20dBm
    • Integrated vector signal analyser for universal analysis of digital and analogue modulated signals b/sK to 16QAM. (G)MSK. AM. FM. PM
    • Vector signal analyser for W-CDMA/3GPP
    • Symbol rate up to 6.4 Msymbol/s
    • High-speed synthesiser with 5ms sweep time for FULL SPAN
    • High display update rate up to 25 sweeps/s
    • Large colour display with high resolution (24 cm/9.5\" TFT)
    • 75dB ACPR for wideband-CDMA
    • 82dB ACPR in alternate channel for wideband-CDMA
    • True RMS detector for precise and repeatable measurements of any signal type

Item code: 111046

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Rohde & Schwarz FSIQ7

Spectrum Analyser/Vector Signal Analyser (20Hz - 7GHz)

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