Rohde & Schwarz - SMU200A

Rohde & Schwarz - SMU200A

Dual Channel Generator 3GHz & 6GHz WCDMA

  • Frequency Range (1st RF Path): 100kHz - 2.2/3/4/6GHz and 2nd RF Path): 100kHz - 2.2 or 3GHz
  • RF Output Level from -144 to +19dBm (with high power range options)
  • Frequency Resolution : 0.01Hz
  • AM, FM Phase and Pulse Modulation
  • IEEE and LAN Interfaces
    • Available options
      • SMU-B10/B11 Baseband Generator with ARB and Digital Modulation
      • SMU-B13 Baseband Main Module
      • SMU-B14/B15 Fading Simulation
      • SMU-B16 Differential IQ Output
      • SMU-B17 Analogue Baseband Input
      • SMU-K40 Digital Standard GSM/EDGE
      • SMU-K42 Digital Standard 3GPP FDD
      • SMU-K43 Digital Standard 3GPP FDD Enhanced MS/BS Tests incl. HSDPA
      • SMU-K44 Digital Standard GPS
      • SMU-K45 Digital Standard 3GPP FDD HSUPA
      • SMU-K46 Digital Standard CDMA2000 incl. 1xEV-DV
      • SMU-K48 Digital Standard IEEE802.11 (a/b/g)
      • SMU-K49 Digital Standard IEEE802.16
      • SMU-K50 Digital Standard TD-SCDMA
      • SMU-K52 Digital Standard DVB-H
      • SMU-K61 Digital Standard Multicarrier CW Signal Generation
      • SMU-K62 Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN)
      • SMU-K71 Enhanced Resolution and Dynamic Fading
      • SMU-K80 BER/BLER Measurement
      • Please contact your local Livingston office for configuration

    • Two signal generators in one
    • Two complete baseband paths
  • I/Q modulator with 200 MHz RF bandwidth
  • Very low SSB phase noise of typically. -135 dBc (f = 1 GHz. 20 kHz carrier offset. 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)
  • Wideband noise of typically. -153 dBc (CW. f = 1 GHz. >10 MHz carrier offset. 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)
  • Excellent ACLR of typically +70 dB for 3GPP FDD
  • Very high level repeatability of 0.05 dB
  • Baseband generator with universal coder for real time signal generation
  • Arbitrary waveform generator with up to 64 MSamples
  • Intuitive user interface with graphical display of signal flow (block diagram)
  • Context-sensitive help system
  • Very short frequency setting times (<3 ms); only 450 æs in List mode
  • Electronic attenuator up to 6 GHz over the full level range
  • Can be remote-controlled via GPIB and LAN
  • USB connectors for keyboard. mouse and memory stick

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Rohde & Schwarz SMU200A

Dual Channel Generator 3GHz & 6GHz WCDMA

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