Rohde & Schwarz - AMU200A

Rohde & Schwarz - AMU200A

Baseband Signal Generator and Fading Simulator
The R&S®AMU200A baseband signal generator and fading simulator has been designed to meet all requirements encountered in the research and development of modern communications systems as well as in their production. The R&S®AMU200A not only combines up to two independent baseband signal generators in one cabinet of only four height units, but also offers unrivaled channel simulation capabilities. Due to its modular design, the generator can be optimally adapted to the requirements of different applications.

  • Single-path or dual-path instrument
  • Up to two complete baseband paths
  • Configuration as a fading simulator, an I/Q source, or an all-in-one instrument offering fading simulation and signal generation
  • 2×2 MIMO with realtime fading possible
  • Two instruments combinable for 2×4 or 4×2 MIMO
  • Baseband generators with universal coders for realtime signal generation
  • Arbitrary waveform generators with 16 Msample, 64 Msample, or 128 Msample memory depth
  • Support of 3GPP LTE FDD and TDD, 3GPP FDD/HSPA/HSPA+, GSM/EDGE/EDGE Evolution, TD-SCDMA, WLAN, WiMAX™ and all other important digital standards
  • Analog single-ended, analog differential, and digital baseband outputs
  • Lossless combination of up to four baseband signals in the digital domain (e.g. for testing multistandard base stations)


  AMU200A    1402.4090.02
   AMU-B17    1402.5900.02
   AMU-B13    1402.5500.02
   AMU-B13    1402.5500.02
   AMU-B14    1402.5600.02
   AMU-B15    1402.5700.02
   AMU-B17    1402.5900.02
   AMU-B18    1402.6006.02
   AMU-B18    1402.6006.02

Item code: 161240

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Rohde & Schwarz AMU200A

Baseband Signal Generator and Fading Simulator

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