PCTel - EX 2600

PCTel - EX 2600
The power and capability of the SeeGull EX Line of scanning receivers is now available for emerging LTE networks.  The industry-leading performance delivers essential RF characterization and propagation measurements while supporting the latest 3GPP specifications.
Wireless operators planning and deploying LTE networks will benefit from the high speed and dynamic range of the SeeGull EX Scanning Receiver. Flexible measurement modes including power, synchronization and reference signal measurements provide long-term value throughout the network lifecycle.  From early spectrum clearing to managing quality and capacity, the SeeGull EX for LTE will keep pace with network changes and growth.
Scanning Receiver Features and Performance Highlights 
  • Top N Synchronization Channel Measurements detects P-SCH and S-SCH synch signal, reports Received Quality, and Received Power, and CINR measurements
  • Top N Reference Signal Measurement, detects sector-specific reference signals for up to N sectors for Received Quality, Received Power, and CINR measurements. Capability to detect individual reference signals for each transmission antenna.
  • Top N Resource Block measurements including received quality, received power, and CINR
  • Top N Averaging Mode for each measurement type
  • Top N Threshold mode for each measurement type
  • Cyclic Prefix detection
  • Time offset detection
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Enhanced Power Scan Measurement Mode 
    • More flexible and higher performance RSSI and Spectrum Analysis with Auto and Immediate Measurement Modes
    • Channel and Frequency Requests and Power Flags noting the Center of Frequency
    • Measurement window flexibility
    • Flexible Frequency span selection (Min/Max/Center)

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PCTel EX 2600

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