1U Programmable DC Power Supply

  • Rated output power: 1500 W
  • Rated output voltage: 0-80V
  • Rated output current: 0-56A
  • A wide range of voltage and current settings can be combined within its output power rating (3 times)
  • PFC circuit of 0.99 (with 100 V) or 0.97 (with 200 V) at full load *TYP value
  • Supporting universal input voltage (85 V to 265 V)
  • LAN (LXI compliant) /USB/RS-232C as standard interface
  • A virtual multi-channel bus (VMCB) function makes multi-channel operation more efficient
  • Emulation setting, Command language setting function
  • A thin and lightweight design with a 1U height for increased rack-mounting efficiency
  • Expandable output capacity by parallel operation
  • Expandable output voltage by series operation (up to 2 units by the same model and excluding 650V models)
  • External analog control function (Output control based on voltage and resistance; ON/OFF based on contact signals)
  • Analog monitor output (output voltage, output current, and operating mode can be monitored)
  • Various protection functions: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and overheat protection
  • Memory function (3 combinations of settings for voltage, current, OVP, OCP, and UVL)
  • Remote sensing function
  • Bleeder circuit ON/OFF setting (to prevent over-discharging of batteries)
  • CV, CC priority start function (prevents overshoot with output ON)

Item code: 161712

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 KIKUSUI - PWX1500ML - 1

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DC Power Supply 0-80V DC 0-56A 1500W

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