Keysight / Agilent - N5182B

Keysight / Agilent - N5182B

Whether you’re pushing for a linear RF chain or an optimized link budget, the MXG delivers what you need: phase noise, ACPR, channel coding, and more. Take your devices and designs to the limit with the MXG.

Product Highlights

  • Generate the signals you need with outstanding hardware performance
  • Test radar receiver sensitivity, characterize ADC or mixer signal-to-noise ratio, or find receiver out-of-band rejection with unmatched phase noise and spurious performance
  • Drive power amplifiers and characterize nonlinear behavior with industry-leading ACPR and output power
  • Test wideband receivers and components, such as for 802.11ac WLAN, with the only one-box, factory-equalized 160 MHz RF bandwidth solution
  • Test a broad range of signals with the most sophisticated applications
  • Support multiple technologies for cellular, wireless connectivity, video, and tracking/navigation applications with Signal Studio software
  • Simulate real-world signals with real-time capabilities for LTE, GNSS, DVB, and more
  • Leverage 1 GSa playback memory and perform long, time-varying functional testing of receivers with proprietary waveforms
  • Maximize resources with low cost of ownership
  • Increase uptime with high mean time between failures (MTBF) based on first- generation MXG track record
  • Minimize downtime and expenses with self-maintenance strategy and low-cost repairs

Key Features & Specifications

Signal characteristics
9 kHz to 3 or 6 GHz
+24 dBm specified power to 3 GHz with electronic attenuator
-146 dBc phase noise at 1 GHz and 20 kHz offset
=-73 dBc ACP W-CDMA 64 DPCH and <0.4% EVM 160 MHz 802.11ac

Modulation and sweep
AM, FM, ØM, and narrow pulse
10 MHz multifunction generator and LF out
Digital step and list sweep modes
l/Q Modulation: ASK, FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM, custom I/Q

Baseband generation and signal creation
160 MHz internal baseband generator (+/- 0.2 dB flatness): arbitrary waveform and real-time I/Q
1 Gsample playback memory and 30 GB internal or 8 GB external, removable memory
Arbitrary and real-time signals: LTE, HSPA+, WLAN, GNSS, DVB, and more – Signal Studio, embedded, or MATLAB software
Multi-channel baseband generation with N5102A digital I/O, MIMO, and RF fading with PXB baseband generator and channel emulator

Automation and communication interface
1000BaseT LAN, LXI, USB 2.0, and GPIB
Backward compatible with ESG, MXG, PSG, 8648x, and more
Agilent USB power sensor compatible with embedded display and SCPI control

Item code: 9000061

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