Keysight / Agilent - N5461A

Keysight / Agilent - N5461A
Emulate Feed-Forward (FFE), Decision Feedback (DFE), and Continuous-Time Linear Equalization (CTLE)
  • Application allows for accurate modeling of DFE, FFE and CTLE.
  • FFE emulation accurately depicts hardware equalization.
  • DFE is adaptive and allows for customization of the tap values.
Standard SDE Features
  • SDE allows for easy set up of DFE, FFE, CTLE, or both DFE and FFE.
  • SDE Wizard provides step-by-step guide to the most optimized equalization algorithm.
  • Allow SDE to find tap values or input user defined tap values.
  • DFE uses Infiniium's state of the art clock recovery to open even the most complex eyes.
Product Compatibility (Requires Infiniium's Serial Data Analysis Software)
  • 9000, 90000 and 90000X Series oscilloscopes (order N5461A for existing oscilloscopes or Option 012 on new oscilloscopes)
  • Requires Infiniium baseline software 1.40 or greater
  • N5435A-025 for application server license.

Item code: 156557

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