Keysight / Agilent - DSO80304B

Keysight / Agilent - DSO80304B

"Superior signal integrity and probing for your application". Agilent Technologies´ Infiniium 80000B Series and InfiniiMax II probing system will lead to improved measurements and increased design margins. The signal integrity advantages of Agilent´s Infiniium 80000B Series Scopes and InfiniiMax Probing System include the industry´s lowest noise floor, lowest jitter measurement floor, lowest trigger jitter, flattest combined frequency response of scope and probe and more. Superior signal integrity maximizes engineer´s design margins by not wasting any measurement accuracy due to the poor noise, jitter or frequency response of the scope or probing system.

Features: 3 GHz bandwidth real-time oscilloscope with up to 40 GSa/s sample rate
System bandwidth of 3 GHz with InfiniiMax 1131A probing system
Industry's lowest noise floor: 161 uV @ 5 mV/div

Trigger jitter less than 500 fs rms

Industry's largest sets of software applications
XGA touch screen display with 256 level intensity grading
Unrivaled InfiniiMax probing accessories support browsing, solder-in, socketed, and SMA use models

Application Software

Bandwidth: 3.5 GHz

Dynamic Range: 5.0 V

DC Offset Range: ± 12 V

Maximum Voltage: ± 30 V

Differential Input R: 50 k Ω.

Differential Input C: 0.27 pF.

Single Ended Input R: 25 k Ω

Single Ended Input C: 0.44 pF

Key Specification

3-GHz Bandwidth, upgradeable to 13 GHz 4 analog channels
Up to 40 GSa/s sample rate
XGA display with 256 levels of intensity grading
Industry Leading Signal Integrity Noise floor: 161 uV @5 mV/div
Trigger jitter < 1 ps (rms)
Lowest hardware vertical sensitivity: 5 mV/div
Industry´s only noise reduction option (opt 005)
Largest Selection of Application Solutions Complete set of customization packages including User Defined Functions, link to MatLab®
InfiniiMax Probing Solutions (1.5 GHz - 12 GHz) Industry´s lowest noise floor probing system
Interchangeable probe heads
Industry´s only RoHS compliance solder-in probing solution

Item code: 9000067

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Keysight / Agilent DSO80304B

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