Keysight / Agilent - N5415B

Keysight / Agilent - N5415B
Quickly and easily identify waveform anomalies
  • Application scans through over one thousand waveforms per second
  • Isolate anomalous signal behavior
  • Trigger on up to 8 Zones across multiple channels
Standard InfiniiScan Features
  • Zone Quality Finder draws up to 8 "must pass" or "must not pass" zones on scope screen
  • Measurement Finder sets boundary conditions to specified measurement and finds them
  • Generic Serial Finder sets up an 80-bit serial pattern for trigger
  • Non-monotonic Edge Finder easily identifies edges caused by reflections
Additional Standard InfiniiScan Features
  • Runt Finder identifies under-sized signal pulses
  • Measurement Limit Test counts violations against user-specified measurement values
  • Set up to five different triggering conditions over all 4 analog channels
Product Compatibility
  • 9000 Series oscilloscopes (Option N5415B or Option 009 on new oscilloscopes or Option N5435A-004 for application server licenses)

Item code: 156554

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