Keysight / Agilent - N4903B

Keysight / Agilent - N4903B

Key Specifications

  • Data rates 150 Mb/s to 12,5 Gb/s pattern generator and error detector.
  • >0.5 UI calibrated, compliant and integrated jitter injection: RJ, RJ-LF, RJ-HF, PJ1, PJ2, SJ, BUJ, ISI, sinusoidal interference, triangular and arbitrary SSC and residual SSC
  • Excellent signal performance and sensitivity
  • Built-in clock data recovery with tunable and compliant loop bandwidth
  • Half-rate clocking with variable duty cycle for forwarded clocked devices
  • Measures BER, BERT Scan, TJ with RJ/DJ separation, eye diagram, eye mask, BER contour, automated jitter tolerance, pattern capture symbol error ratio (SER) of coded and retimed data streams
  • Two adjustable data outputs with independent PRBS and pattern with 120 block pattern sequencer

Ideal choice for R&D and validation teams characterizing and stressing chips and transceiver modules that have serial I/O ports up to 12,5 Gb/s. It can characterize a receiver’s jitter tolerance and is designed to prove compliance to today’s most popular serial bus standards, such as:

  • PCI Express®
  • DisplayPort
  • USB SuperSpeed
  • Fibre Channel
  • QPI
  • HyperTransport
  • Memory buses, such as fully buffered DIMM2
  • Backplanes, such as CEI

Item code: 9000138

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Keysight / Agilent N4903B

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