Kaelus - RTF-2000A

Kaelus - RTF-2000A

Range To Fault  (RTF) Module , 1710  2170 MHz

  • Accurately identify the location of PIM and Return Loss faults in the RF path
  • Simple to operate, highly intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Overlay PIM and Return Loss vs. distance data for enhanced troubleshooting capability
  • Quickly switch between different test modes without disconnecting the line under test
  • Compatible with any “RTF Enabled” iQA series PIM test instrument from Kaelus
  • Speeds site repairs by guiding operators to the location of PIM faults
  • Factory upgrades available for existing A and B-series iQA test instruments
  • Before PIM testing, the RTF Module performs a Return Loss safety check to warn the operator before transmitting high RF power into a poor match

Item code: 158441

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Kaelus RTF-2000A

RTF Module (1710-2170 MHz)

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