Viavi (JDSU) - VSE-1100

Viavi (JDSU) - VSE-1100

The VSE-1100 helps cable service providers maintain optimal network performance in the modern digital cable environment. Enabling fast and easy maintenance and troubleshooting, the one-of-a-kind VSE meets these challenges:

  • CCAP — systems are moving toward a more complete spectrum of carriers on a single output, and channel line-ups change on the fly
  • Crowded upstream spectrum — no empty spectrum is available for out-of-band spectrum tests; noise under QAM, min-hold, and other traffic-identifying techniques are not feasible because when multiple signals are time-shared and traffic is dense, the signal frequency is rarely unoccupied
  • Video-on-demand and video streaming — more content needs monitoring, and stronger competition with more contenders increases the need to assure quality

This powerful, truly portable measurement tool includes digital and analog spectrum and video analysis as well as noise and upstream troubleshooting—the headend and the field can use the same instrument to verify problem sources and eliminate finger-pointing. And, better problem isolation means fewer truck rolls and quicker resolution.

Key Features

  • An easy-to-use, intuitive tablet interface that makes every technician an expert, solving complex problems the first time
  • Service-layer to physical-layer testing — from the headend/hubsite to the field
  • In-band and in-service detection of faults that standard tools miss
  • Demodulation of upstream signals to detect code word errors and linear distortions
  • Automatic detection of channel programs and channel plan building


  • Spectrum, QAM, and MPEG video analysis for headend and hub sites
  • Upstream analysis and troubleshooting for the HFC plant: noise, ingress, linear impairments, and codeword errors
  • Objective upstream carrier and node leg performance assessment for tracking poor service quality throughout the HFC plant

Item code: 162547

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