Viavi (JDSU) - SmartClass E1-D

Viavi (JDSU) - SmartClass E1-D

The JDSU SmartClass E1 is a handheld field tester for the installation and commissioning of E1 and Datacom service that offers multiple test modes for E1 and Datacom signal analysis. An economical and easy-to-use point solution, the SmartClass E1 has a Smart AutoConfiguration (AutoConfig) feature and large, easy-to-read color display that make the lightweight, rugged, battery-operated tester ideal for both service provider and contractor field technicians. It also meets the needs of mobile operators in the construction of E1 backhaul infrastructure. 


  • Performs E1/Datacom service installation and maintenance in easy-to-use, lightweight, and rugged form-factor
  • Significantly reduces field technician training with Smart AutoConfiguration (AutoConfig) feature
  • Works with PC software—download results for report preparation
  • Provides additional E1 and Datacom testing with available software options
  • Includes Event Log and Histogram for troubleshooting
  • Capable of bidirectional monitoring and troubleshooting via dual E1 ports
  • Offers color graphical user interface (GUI) available in multiple languages
  • Supports G.703 Codirectional, Contradirectional, and Centralized interface testing


  • E1
    - Provides terminate, monitor, bridge, and local loopback modes
    - Provides G.703 — 2 Mb/s testing
    - Conducts 2 M (Bulk), n x 64 kb/s BERT
    - Measures performance G.821, G.826, and M.2100
    - Provides audio monitor (VF drop)
    - Provides transmit frequency offset
    - Performs VF level and frequency measurements, VF tone insert
    - Measures E1 signal level measurement
    - Provides ABCD/Sa monitoring
    - Provides round-trip delay
    - Offers alarms (defects) and errors (anomalies) insertion
    - Pulse shape (optional)
    - MFC-R2 (optional)
  • Datacom
    - Offers DTE emulate, DCE emulate, and monitor mode
    - Interfaces with X.21, V.24 (RS-232), V.35, V.36 (RS-449), and EIA-530
    - Provides round-trip delay
    - Frame Relay (optional)
    - Conducts G.703 Codirectional, Contradirectional, and Centralized interface testing


Option IDDescription
CB-0045402External 2M Ref Clock cable
CB-44385V.24/EIA-530 DTE/DCE Emulation Cable (6')
CB-44391X.21 DTE/DCE Emulation 10M
CB-44995Dual BNC to RJ-48
K1599Cable E1 Bal. RJ48/RJ48(M), E1 cross-over

Item code: 1050

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