IFR - 2945A

IFR - 2945A

Communications Service Monitor

  • Frequency Range 400 kHz to 1.05 GHz
  • Supports Analogue and AMPS, TACS and MPT 1327 Trunking standards
  • Spectrum Analyser, Power Meter and Signal Generator
  • Stand alone portable unit
  • GPIB Interface
  • Fitted options:
    • 02 Analogue systems card
    • 05 GPIB
    • 06 Memory card drive and real-time clock
    • 11 AMPS cellular software
    • 12 TACS cellular software
    • 13 MPT 1327 trunking software

  • Tracking generator with full offset tracking
  • Accurate power measurement to 150W
  • 5W protection on all RF ports
  • Superfast LCD with rapid refresh rate for easy monitoring and real-time adjustment
  • 50kHz DSO with anti-aliasing
  • Transient and harmonic analysis

Item code: 105527

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