Fluke - 8506A

Fluke - 8506A

The 8506A Thermal True RMS Multimeter features 6 ½ digit resolution, full annunciation and simplicity of operation. Modular construction, microprocessor control, and a bus structure provide excellent flexibility. Memory programming from the front panel (or through a remote interface) controls all measurement parameters, mathematical operations and special operations. The standard hardware configuration allows for measurement of thermal true-rms volts on eight ranges and dc volts in five ranges. An averaging mode is available to automatically optimize display resolution and stability for each range in dc volts, resistance, and dc current functions. Extended resolution is also available in the ac volts function. Optional modules are available for dc current (five ranges) and resistance (eight ranges) in two-wire or four-wire arrangements.

Item code: 153531

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Fluke 8506A


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