Exfo - FTB-8080

Exfo - FTB-8080

Sync Analyser

  • Measures wander on transmission rates from 4 kHz to 52 Mb/s
  • Portable 2.048/1.544 MHz clock generator
  • Display of TIE, MTIE and TDEV, as well as comparison with standard masks
  • E1 clock/data signals (2 Mb/s)
  • Transmission rates from 4 kHz to 52 Mb/s (E3, DS-1, DS-3, STS-1, STM-0)
  • 2048 kHz portable synchronization E1 clock; 1544 kHz portable synchronization T1 clock
  • Internal rubidium reference with GPS input for field calibration
  • No external PC needed
  • Ethernet interface for remote control and data access
  • 110, 220 AC and -48 V DC supply
  • Differential and absolute wander measurement
  • Displays frequency offset of local clocks
    EXFO?s FTB-8080 Sync Analyzer is designed to measure wander according to ITU and ANSI standards of various signals in SONET, SDH or PDH network nodes, with graphical presentation of TIE, MTIE and TDEV and comparison to standard masks (e.g., PRC, SSU, SEC). It enables the creation of user-defined masks, according to new or changed standards, for easy recall during measurements. The FTB-8080 can measure both "absolute" and "differential" wander. In the first case, the measured signal (clock or data) is compared to the ultimate stability of the internal rubidium "atomic" clock or an external 10 MHz reference. In the second case, the relative wander between two signals (e.g., ingoing and outgoing E1 signal from a network element) is measured. This makes it possible to verify wander tolerance and the amount of "extra wander" created by the device under test.

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Exfo FTB-8080

Sync Analyser

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