EXFO - AXS-200/635

EXFO - AXS-200/635

xDSL2 and Ethernet Test Set

  • 30 MHz copper spectrum, VDSL2 speed verification with backward compatibility to ADSL1/2/2+ and triple-play testing
  • INP and PhyR?: Supports Broadcom?s PhyR
  • functionality and legacy impulse noise protection parameters
  • User-definable automated test routines: Presents easy-to-interpret pass/fail results
  • FTTx support: Enables DSL and 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet assessment of triple-play services in Terminate and Pass Through mode
  • IPTV analysis: Provides key IPTV qualification parameters with features such as set-top box (STB) emulation, join/leave requests, PCR jitter analysis and PID viewer
  • MDI reporting: Supports media delivery index (RFC 4445) for evaluating the IPTV quality of experience
  • VoIP analysis: Ensures VoIP services are not affected by packet loss or jitter
  • Data analysis: Offers a common set of measures such as ping, traceroute, HTTP speed testing and FTP speed testing to ensure reliable and consistent Internet connectivity
  • Multilayer fault analysis histogram: Visually indicates when and at what layer errors are occurring, helping to identify the source of the problem as well as facilitating quick and efficient troubleshooting
  • 30 MHz Testing: Get the Whole Picture

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EXFO AXS-200/635

XDSL2 and Ethernet Test Set

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