Chauvin Arnoux - CA42

Chauvin Arnoux - CA42
The C.A 42 fieldmeter is specially designed for measuring LF electric and magnetic fields and comparing the values measured with the requirements of the European directives and international standards. They can be used in both public and private contexts, as well as for checking the electromagnetic compliance of electrical equipment in industrial environments.

  • DC to 400 kHz
  • International standards: IEC, EN, DIN, VDE, BGV, ICNIRP, etc.
  • display of measurements: absolute values (V/m or T, multiples and sub-multiples) or relative values (%)
  • display of electric or magnetic field variations as a function of time(oscilloscope function) or as a function of the frequency (FFT)
  • internal isotropic magnetic measurement probe

4 external isotropic probes available as accessories

  • 1 electric field probe (EF400): 1V/m to 30kV/m
  • 3 magnetic field probes (MF05, MF400H and MF400): 10nT to 1T
  • MF05: also measures the terrestrial magnetic field

Item code: 154938

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Chauvin Arnoux CA42

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