Chauvin Arnoux - Greentest FTV100

Chauvin Arnoux - Greentest FTV100
The FTV100 can be used to measure and display all the physical and electrical parameters of photovoltaic (PV) solar power installations
This enables the user to calculate the efficiency of the solar power installation:
  • Electrical power survey
  • Calculation of solar panel efficiency
  • Calculation of inverter efficiency
Users install their physical measurement probes: a Pt100 probe for ambient temperature measurement, a Pt100 probe for the panel temperature and a pyranometer for the insolation.

Technical specifications
  • Voltage up to 1,000 VDC / 600 VAC
  • Current up to 1,400 ADC / 3,000 AAC
  • AC/DC power: 20,000 WDC / 1,200 WAC
  • Data recorder: up to 10 instrument configurations can be prerecorded in the memory
  • 600 V CAT IV – 1,000 V CAT III
  • IP67 closed / IP54 open

Item code: 157178

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