Anritsu - MS46524A

Anritsu - MS46524A

MS46524A Shockline 4-Port RF VNA
ShockLine™ RF and Microwave VNAs eliminate the need to buy expensive instruments for simple S-parameter measurements. ShockLine delivers good performance to 40 GHz at a substantially lower price. These VNAs are ideal for simple engineering, manufacturing and costsensitive education applications.
ShockLine family employs multiple architectures that reduce manufacturing costs, enhance calibration stability and minimize measurement uncertainty.
ShockLine VNAs can be used to measure:

  • S-parameters,
  • time domain characteristics.
  • signal integrity

of passive 1-port, 2-port, 3-port and 4-port devices.


Frequency Range

50 KHz - 8.5GHz

No. Ports


Dynamic Range

100 dB (500 KHz to 3 MHz)

110 dB (3 MHz to 6 GHz)

105 dB (6 to 8 GHz)

90 dB typ (8 to 8.5 GHz)

Trace Noise(rms)

6 mdB (<8 GHz),

100 Hz IFBW

Port Power

-30 to +15 dBm (0.3 to 6 GHz)

-30 to +12 dBm (6 to 8 GHz)

-30 to +10 dBm ( to 8.5 GHz)

Corrected directivity

>42 dB

Measurement speed,

typical (@widest IFBW)

70 μs/point

Max # points



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