Anritsu - MS2026A

Anritsu - MS2026A

Handheld Vector Network Analyser 6GHz

  • Portable. battery operated Vector Network analyser
  • Frequency range 2MHz - 6GHz
  • 1-port and 1-path 2-port magnitude and phase measurement
  • Distance-to-fault (DTF). precision SWR and return loss measurements with immunity to line RF interference
  • Dynamic Range: 65dB
  • Internal memory saves up to 1000 traces and setups
  • Test port connector : N female, 50 Ω
  • Available options:
    • 05 RF Wattmeter power monitor
    • 10 Built-in Variable Bias Tee
    • 31 GPS Receiver
    • Please contact your local Livingston office for configuration
  • USB & LAN Interfaces
    • 2 MHz to 6 GHz
    • Vector Corrected 1-port and 1-path 2-port measurements
    • Field Menu: Return Loss. Cable Loss. VSWR. Distance-To-Fault. Smith Chart. 1-Port Phase. 2-Port Phase. 2-Port Gain
    • VNA Menu: S11 Log Mag/VSWR/Phase/Smith Chart/Fault Location & S21 Log Mag/Phase
    • 2 ms/data points sweep speed
    • USB/Ethernet for data transfer
    • Store 1000 traces and setups in internal memory
    • Memory card slot for data storage and transfer
    • High resolution daylight viewable TFT colour display
    • Greater than 3 hour battery life time
    • Built-in and custom editable Cable and Signal Standard List
    • Local Languages: English. Spanish. Italian. French. German. Japanese. Korean. and Chinese. Can also customise two additional languages using Master Software Tools
    • Weight < 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
    • Master Software Tools for trace analysis. editing. reporting. and much more

Item code: 132913

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Anritsu MS2026A

Handheld Vector Network Analyser 6GHz

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