Anritsu - 68347C/2A/19

Anritsu - 68347C/2A/19

Synthesised Signal Generator (10MHz - 20GHz)

  • Frequency Range : 0.01 - 20GHz
  • Output power +11dBm (with step attenuator)
  • Frequency Resolution : 1kHz
  • AM, FM, Phase and Pulse Modulation
  • IEEE Interface
    • Fitted options:
      • 2A 110dB attenuator
      • 19 SCPI programmability

    • A basic signal source providing accurate outputs over a wide frequency and power range for Local Oscillator duty and other CW applications
    • Frequency range 0.01 - 20GHz in a single output
    • Ultra-low SSB phase noise and spurious
    • Levelled output power +11dBm to 20GHz
    • Switching time <5 ms for <100MHz sweep steps
    • Digital frequency sweep and digital power sweep
    • Wide dynamic range with accurate output levels
    • Intuitive. menu-driven front panel

Item code: 115054

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Anritsu 68347C/2A/19

Synthesised Signal Generator (10MHz - 20GHz)

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