AFL Global - Noyes M310

AFL Global - Noyes M310
  • Industry Leading Event Analysis
  • Short dead zones to help validate and troubleshoot typical Data Center and Enterprise networks comprised of multiple connections and short jumpers.
  •  Event Dead Zones 0.8m
  •  Attenuation Dead-zones < 3 m
  • Enhanced Mode Fill (EMF) - Enables users to get more accurate loss results, comparable to measurements made with expensive external mode conditioners without sacrificing dynamic range or adding another box to manage during testing
  • Built in Optical Power Meter - Test and store both Tier 1 and Tier 2 results in one tester
  • Built in Visual Fault Locator (VFL) - enables technicians to quickly identify fiber faults within OTDR dead zone and verify polarity
  • Front End and First Connector checks - verify launch quality to help users obtain better OTDR trace results
  • Live Fiber Detection and Indication - direct users to validate they are on the correct fiber or turn off the source so they can obtain an OTDR trace
  • Dynamic Range suited testing fibers beyond the Data Center
  •  38 dB Single-mode
  •  30 dB Multimode
  • Inspection ready - the M310 supports the DFS Digital FiberScope for inspecting the finish and cleanliness of connector end-faces, which is a leading cause of network failures
  • Fast Real Time OTDR mode for use in troubleshooting or splicing applications
  • Field proven, compact, rugged product packaging is designed for both outside plant use and cramped inside plant environments.

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