Aeroflex - 6413A

Aeroflex - 6413A

The 6413A Base Station Test System provides:

  • Comprehensive and independent 3GPP FDD UMTS Base Station Test (Node B Test) system for both lab and field use
  • Comprehensive test coverage reduces time spent resolving cell site issues, ensures that faulty hardware is correctly identified and enables network operators to maintain Quality of Service obligations
  • Capability to perform Base Station Test (Node B Test) independent of network in a controlled environment using IUB interface
  • Capability to perform Base Station Test (Node B Test) of receiver and transmitter on a live network without disrupting active traffic
  • Excellent measurement accuracy in field portable test equipment. Vital in UMTS where 1 dB in power accuracy will impact cell performance by 11%
  • Intuitive user interface and automation allows less experienced engineers to operate this equipment
  • Base Station test equipment that is rugged enough for field deployment

Item code: 150320

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