Accanto Systems - MSA-QX

Accanto Systems - MSA-QX

Protocol Analyzer & Tester for Mobile and Next-Generation Convergent Networks

  • Advanced protocol analysis for GSM, GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA, VoIP/IMS, CDMA2000/EVDO, SS7/HSL/Sigtran and ISDN Networks All-in-one platform concurrently monitors both the Access network (wireless and wireline) as well as the Core network
  • Lightweight & portable: Ideal for field locations, customer sites or the lab
  • Multi-user: up to 2 users may access the results without interfering each others
  • Multi-test: up to 2 monitoring tests may run concurrently
  • Multi-protocol/interfaces: up to 4 different protocol stacks may be configured per test, even involving different physical interfaces
  • User friendly GUI; a configuration wizard guides the users during the configuration of the most difficult tests (e.g. UMTS Iub, IuPS and IuCS monitoring)
  • Remotely controllable through Wi-Fi via a local AD-HOC WiFi connection from up to 100 meters away. This makes it ideal for hostile environments where it is impractical to be near the network elements under test (e.g., extreme heat, cold or noise)
  • For each available protocol, the 3GMaster offers:
    • Physical layer status and statistics xDRs (CDRs, TDRs, IP-DRs) generation
    • Customizable Protocol Trace and xDRs
    • Arrowed diagrams for Trace and xDRs
    • Display Filters for Trace and xDR and text search filter
    • Statistics on all the main protocol events
    • Call/Transaction statistics
    • Disconnection Cause statistics
    • xDR-to-frames correlation
    • Frame-to-xDR function
    • xDR forwarding to external systems
  • All data can be saved in playback files and recovered for off-line post analysis where reports can be compared over time
  • End-to-end QoS evaluation ensures voice quality is measured accurately across the entire network. Supported intrusive algorithm: PESQ (ITU P.862). Supported non-intrusive algorithms: E-Model/Vqmon (ITU-T G.107), ITU P.561 and NiQA
  • Reporting flexibility. Standard Reports are designed for ease-of-use for common applications, while Customized Reports make it easy to modify settings, rearrange columns, remove trace lines or add new ones
  • Results exportable to several formats (HTML, TXT, XML) and into Microsoft(r) applications (Word, Excel, Access)
    The MSA-QX features and powerful hardware elements make it the new Gold standard in portable protocol analysis. The MSA-QX is tailored for service and installation groups who support networks with wireless and/or wireline elements, and is unparalleled in its ability to isolate problems in convergent networks driven by complex signaling architectures such as 3.5G, VoIP and IMS. As one of the most established protocol analysis systems on the market, the MSA-QX solves problems FAST?giving the technician every piece of data required to solve complicated problems. All standard test results such as trace decoding, xDRs (Call and Transaction Detail Records) and statistics are automatically enabled, where statistics can be viewed in either tabular or graphical format, making it easy to view the status of the network at a glance. The MSA-QX?s advanced analysis tools are also able to capture, decode and report on both Access and Core network elements simultaneously, giving an end-to-end view of the entire network.

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Accanto Systems MSA-QX

Protocol Analyzer & Tester for Mobile and Next-Generation Convergent Networks

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