Livingston Focuses Attention on Australia and New Zealand

Test sourcing specialist expands activities ‘down under’

Established as the largest technology rental supplier in Europe, offering companies access to test equipment from the leading manufacturers while not having to make heavy capital expenditure, Livingston continues its expansion into new markets. Following on from the opening of facilities in India early in the year, it is now strengthening its presence in the antipodes.  

Through a direct approach or collaboration with local distributors Tech Rentals Corporation, Vicom, Celemetrix, and vendors Agilent/Trio Smartcal, JDSU and Spirent/Matrium, Livingston will now be in a position to serve both Australia and New Zealand. This means that telecommunication infrastructure installers, contract manufacturers, and OEM product developments teams can source the tools they need to deal with even the most exacting of test challenges, regardless of their budgetary constraints. It will allow them to benefit from immediate availability of models from the foremost test brands.    

 “As a result of the current economic and technology drivers characterising the industry an increasing proportion of companies are now looking to rent or lease test hardware rather than being forced to purchase it directly” states Philippe Suel, International Development Director of Livingston Group’s test division, “This approach ensures they are not exposed to various hidden costs associated with ownership (maintenance, repair, security, recalibration, etc). It also maximises equipment utilisation, so greater revenue can be generated by each unit and expensive kit is not simply left on the shelf, as well as allowing sudden increases in demand or changes in technology requirements to be addressed.”   

“Both Australia and New Zealand are in the process of making major investment into the roll out next generation telecommunications networks” he continues “Livingston, by reinforcing our commitment to the technology companies in these countries, will be able to provide the cutting edge equipment that projects such as these call for.”