Agilent N8241A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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agilent n8241a

Agilent Technologies - N8241A

Agilent's N8241A arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is a synthetic instrument (SI) module that combines unprecedented performance with unsurpassed flexibility. Its combination of high resolution and high sampling rates enables designers to create ideal waveforms for accurate testing of radar, satellite, digital radio, and frequency-agile systems


Key Features Agilent N8241A

  • LXI class-A compliant
  • Option 125: Simultaneously delivers 1.25 GS/s and 15 bits of vertical resolution, and 500 MHz of instantaneous analog bandwidth per channel
  • Dual channel, single ended and differential outputs with 500 or 250 MHz of instantaneous analog bandwidth per channel
  • Multiple module synchronization to simulate multi-emitter and multi-path scenarios
  • Up to 125 k definable waveform segments
  • Up to 16 k unique definable sequences
  • Remote programming interface: LAN IEEE 1588 over 100Base-T LAN
  • IEEE 1588 time-based triggering
  • LXI hardware trigger bus
  • Full environmental specifications


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