Livingston Establishes Indian Operations

Already recognised as Europe’s leading test and measurement rental supplier, providing companies with cutting edge test equipment without calling for heavy capital expenditure, Livingston has now entered the emerging Indian market. It has opened a new office in the Delhi satellite city of Gurgaon, at the heart of the country’s high tech expansion.

According to Philippe Suel, International Development Director of Livingston Group’s test division, “India’s economy is rapidly developing, with new communication infrastructure being rolled out and a burgeoning manufacturing base to be served. Engineers must have access to the latest test hardware, but finding the funds to purchase this is often difficult.

By following the rental model advocated by Livingston, large upfront payments are avoided and equipment can be treated as an operational expense that can be stopped whenever it is no longer being utilized. This approach safeguards against sudden fluctuations in demand, as well as giving companies the flexibility to upgrade equipment when required. It also ensures that companies are not left exposed to the hidden costs associated with ownership, such as maintenance, transportation between sites, repair, and recalibration.” 

  “With the opening of these facilities in India” he continues “Livingston is now very well positioned to attend to the needs of the local market, allowing immediate availability of an extensive inventory of test items. This will mean that installers involved in the implementation of 3G wireless base stations or next generation wire-line networks, along with systems  

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