Power Quality Testing - Power analysers, power testers available at Livingston.

Livingston offer a range of solutions for power quality testing in the field and for manufacturers of equipment: Power analysers, power loggers, power meters, energy meters and energy analyzers available for rental, rent to buy, rent or buy (easy2source) and ex-rental sales - immediate availability from stock.

Power Quality meters and analysers available for rent, rent-to-buy, rent-or-buy and sales:

Clare B433R

Earth Bond Tester

Doble F6150

Power System Simulator

Dranetz BMI 4400

Power Quality Analyser Three Phase

Dranetz BMI PX5

Power Quality Analyser Three Phase

Fluke 1735

1735 Power Logger

Fluke 1745

1745 Power Quality Logger

Fluke 435

Logging Power Quality Analyser

GMC Mavowatt 40

3 Phase Power Disturbance Analyser


18 channels recorder


6 channels recorder

Sinergy Ltd e-tracker Mk II

Power Demand Analyser