Faro Equipment: Rent to Buy

FARO develops and markets computer-aided measurement systems and software worldwide. The portable coordinate measuring devices from FARO, together with their industry-specific software solutions, allow high-precision 3D measurements and 3D comparisons of parts and complex systems directly within assembly and production processes. FARO measurement systems are used anywhere where the most accurate measurements are necessary. They are used for inspecting components and component assemblies, production planning and inventory documentation, as well as for the investigation and reconstruction of accident sites and crime scenes. They are also used for digital scanning of historical sites.

Together with Faro, Livingston offers special Rent to Buy solutions for Faro Equipment.

Benefits to you:

  • No upfront purchase cost
  • Bridges the CapEx approval period
  • Flexibility to retain, upgrade, return, purchase
  • Faro warranties and support
  • Total flexibility – the rentals are off-balance sheet and there are no end of life problems
  • Tax efficient – Tax allowances available against purchase price plus, the interest costs are fully tax deductible (depending on the country)

The Faro product range includes:

More information?

If you want to receive a quote or if you require more information regarding Faro products or Faro rent to buy solutions please contact us by phone at + 44 (0) 20 89 43 07 07 or email to info@livingston-global.com or use the form below: