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Easy2source - the flexible way to buy new test equipment

If you intend to buy your technology, you need it today, but don’t have the budget or capital to buy it, then easy2source offers you the ideal solution.  

The package

  • Initial rental contract for 6 or 12 months (non cancellable)
  • Monthly direct debit payment

Then option to:

  • Extend month by month
  • Extend to 12 months or 18 months at discounted rates
  • Convert to a purchase with a rental rebate
  • Return the equipment

 Benefits to you

  • Bridges CapEx approval period
  • Immediate availability
  • Flexibility to retain, upgrade, return, purchase
  • Includes all the usual benefits of rental
  • Technical support
  • Replacement equipment (where available)
  • Calibration included
  • No hidden costs
  • OpEx – off balance sheet (until buy-option exercised)
  • Manufacturer warranties and support contracts available


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Rent to Buy - Rent to Own

Start with rental and all the benefits regarding this service and purchase at the end of the rental period the equipment for a super low price.  

Why chose Rent to Buy?

  • No upfront purchase cost – use scarce and expensive capital elsewhere in your business
  • Make the rental payments out of operational expenditure. Equipment can then be purchased for the low price of USD15
  • Preserves your existing credit lines – keep your bank lines free for day to day requirements
  • Match expense to revenue or cost savings generated from asset use
  • Tax efficient – Tax allowances available against purchase price plus, the interest costs are fully tax deductible (depending the country)


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