What is CPRI Fronthaul Technology?

Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) is a new protocol that can be found at each and every new green field cell tower installation. Fiber and CPRI together allow MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) to deliver better quality and faster service to all mobile device users.

View the free PDF to understand the basics of CPRI Fronthaul Technology and how MNO Field Technicians could benefit from a test instrument that incorporates fiber testing, Ethernet testing and the CPRI protocol in one easy-to-use solution to saving them time and money.

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RRH Emulation 

Figure: Traditional coaxial-based systems on cell towers with large overhead (copper cabling, large footprint, power, A/C, lower bandwidth)


Scenario: How a field technician can use the NetBlazer portable field tester to emulate RRH (Remote Radio Head) in order to test the CPRI protocol without having to climb the cell tower.




Through Livingston, you can now have first-hand experience on the FTB-800 NetBlazer Series portable test instruments as well as the all-in-one Ethernet / Optical FTB-700G series of test instruments for your CPRI protocol testing by simply renting these instruments. 

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