EXFO - Optical Spectrum Analysers

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EXFO FTB-5240S-P-Adv-InB

OSA w/ Polarization, In Band and Adv.


OSA w/Polarization Controller

Exfo LFD-202

Live Fiber Detector

Exfo FTB-5240

Optical Spectrum Analyser


Optical Spectrum Analyser

Exfo FTB-5240S-E1-EUI-89

Optical Spectrum Analyser

Exfo FTB-2 Pro

FTB-2 2-slot PRO Modular mainframe

Exfo FTB-500-4

FTB-500 Mainframe (4-slots)

Exfo FTB-500-8

FTB-500 Mainframe (8-slots)

EXFO FTB-400-8

FTB-400 with 8 Back Universal Test Plat

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